Types of Docks

Central Florida Boat Dock Styles

There are three main types of docks that we find in Central Florida Waterfront Homes, Floating Docks, Stationary or Site Built Docks and Combination Dock.  Each has pros and cons.

Floating Docks go up and down as the water level rises and falls.  If the water falls too much it can be left sitting off-kilter on the dirt below.  They can be built out of concrete, wood, or plastic.  When the water is really low the ramp to get onto the dock can be steep.  They can also be outfitted with boat/PWC slips. Click here to see Seminole County residential dock requirements.

Stationary Docks are built at a fixed height and are usually built out of wood, plactic that looks like wood, or sometimes concrete.  Since they are stationary and are site built, they can be outfitted with all kinds of amenities such as boat/PWC lifts, electricity, roofs, even amenities such as outdoor kitchens and refrigerators!  The challenge is when the water level is high your dock might be under water, and when it’s low your boat might not be able to get in and out.

One popular solution that is used by Central Florida Waterfront Home Owners is a Combination of a site-built dock with a floating piece connected to it… the best of both worlds!

seawall might be a good idea depending on where you live.  It helps to protect your Central Florida Waterfront Investment from the long term effects of erosion and/or flooding.  Some waterfront homeowners prefer the natural look of a beach or yard with no seawall.  It’s really going to be determined by the type of water you’re living on, the boat traffic near your home, and personal preference.  In the past many seawalls were built with concrete panels, some are of wood, and today many are made with a pvc or metal panel system.