The types of waterfront property you will find in Central Florida are ponds, lakes and rivers. 

A pond is a small lake and can either be natural or manmade.  Manmade ponds are usually for the purpose of water control and retention when developments are nearby.

Lakes come in many shapes and sizes.  When you see a lake that’s crystal-clear you can bet it’s probably one of our many Spring-Fed lakes, and if you look closely you can sometimes even see the bubbling of the spring beneath.

Our rivers range from a small meandering stream all the way up to the gigantuan St. Johns River which originally served as the shipping route to get supplies into all of Orlando which was originally known as Mosquito County!  The St. Johns actually flows North and you can take it all the way to Jacksonville and out into the Atlantic Ocean.

When a river’s water is brown colored, it’s not because it’s “dirty” but rather due to the tannins in the water from the tree limbs and leaves.  Tannins are basically the same way that tea is brewed from tea leaves. 

Many times a spring will feed into the rivers and you will see a very distinct line where the clear water meets the tannin-colored water… it’s quite a sight to see!